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By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know this isn’t out yet, but I am IN LOVE! I have been literally trying BB Cream after BB Cream, and I am going to do a full review comparing a bunch BB Creams once I get the MAC and Bobbi Brown BB Creams, which I had to order since they don’t have them in Dubai (or at least my color). Right now, I am soooo in love with the DiorSkin Nude BB Creme since it applies gorgeous light coverage, and dries like a powder!

Most BB Creams are really greasy and just kind of sit on top of your skin and look oily! The DiorSkin Nude BB Creme is soooo perfect, it just blends gorgeously and makes my skin look healthy and radiant! If you tried the first BB Cream from Dior, this one is definitely better since it’s more like a tinted moisturizer that comes in three different shades. Since Dior has incredible skincare and amazing foundation, it’s no surprise that their BB Cream kicks ass!

I’m wearing shade number 003. DiorSkin Nude BB Creme will be available worldwide January 2013

hello huda.. i am really obsessed to get rid my pimples & pimple scars on my face… would you please help me to solve my problems? i have clogged pores and i want my face to be looking clear, smooth & clean.. im feed up with this big pimples… pls help me for this, it losing my confident.. thank you huda

Hi there just asking does this cream work like a serum base the one u use before foundation so it does not go inside ur wrinckles? I have this problem with foundation

I got a tester of this BB cream from Vogue, it’s great! Not sticky, blends in like a dream, even on my blotchy skin – I am a redhead with very fair skin, part large pores part dry patches (especially in the harsh Northern weather we have now), but a little of this magic cream made me look young and refreshed! The tester was no.2 shade, but still invisible on my freckly face. I will check out shade #1 as well, might be even better. I will definitely buy it, ?30 isn’t even that bad, I think. And I love your comment that some BBs can be greasy but this isn’t, I never used BBs before, but this is a ddfinite buy!

I just got shade number 1 I stopped using all my different foundations and am soo in love with it. Thanks to dior

hey huda do you know when the diorskin nude bb creme is suppose to come out.

I tried the sample pack today in the morning and instantly fell in love. I have quite oily skin but this bb cream really do wonders! Love it love it love it. Even better than the korean brand that I have been using for quite a while now. cant wait to get it from the store. Try looking online but to no avail.

Thanks!! Does it keep shine away? x

I only saw fair, light and medium. Can’t wait to try it. What’s the best setting powder u recommend for combination skin? x

I really like Chanel’s Natural Finish, Smashbox Halo or Ben Nye’s Luxury Powder, for combination I would use Smashbox!

Hi just wonderig is the shade 003 medium? As I have a similar skin tone to yours and have ordered medium.

Yes darling! They actually have quite a few shades, I even got a sample for 004, which is quite dark, so far I know they have 4 shades ??

I only saw fair, light and medium. Can’t wait to try it. What’s the best setting powder u recommend for combination skin? x

Hi Huda , Question : we can use the BB cream with or without foundation .

You can use it either way! It’s great to wear as the layer before foundation or just as a little coverage to prep your skin since it has great skin-perfecting qualities!

Hello, I wondered whether you have the ingredient list or could take a picture of it? Would be so helpful! Thanks! ??

Hey Huda
Where can I get the DiorSkin BB cream? I’ve tried Paris Gallery and Sephora and they don’t have it here in Dubai.

The DiorSkin Nude BB Cream will be available Jan 2013 darling! ??

I’ve tried the first BB cream from Dior and I love it! Can’t wait to try this one! Xx

Thanks for the reply Huda. I’ve been using the Olay White Radiance for quite sometime now (started using it after reading your review) and I noticed a very slight difference..should give it more time maybe…
Thanks again, appreciate it

Are BB creams just for the summer? I don’t know why I had the idea but I do know that you’re supposed to change your foundation depending on the weather..

Hi Huda – always wanted to ask if you ever tried the oil free tinted moisturizer from Laura Marcier in Sand, I’ve been using it lately and LOVE it, I think you will too!

I want to ask very important question. which foundation and face powder do you recommend for medium to full coverage Mac or Dior or Chanel ?? my brother’s wedding is coming up so m confused which one to buy…I want to buy the best one which can give glow to my skin. waiting for your reply…. thanks and best regards

Hi Huda, this is such a good post because I’ve been wanting to ask you if BB creams are suitable for people in their 20s. I’m 20 years old. Is it appropriate for me?? Also, can I use it instead of foundation?? I don’t really know how BB creams work on the skin

This is Roua, I am not sure if you remember me but I am Dr. Lubna’s daughter. We used to live ( or I ) in AUS Campus. Anyway, just wanted to add my two cents on Dior BB creams ( been following your blog lately) I have been in love with Dior Snow BB cream. I am on my 2nd tube. This also looks so promising. Do you know when is it launching in the US?

Regards to family

Oh this is perfect timing for me … I currently use SHISEIDO the skincare Tinted Moisture Protection and I love it but it’s running out and I was thinking of trying other ones just to compare. Have you tried any B cream by Lancome? Thx

Not yet darling, I only tried it at the store, it was quite light. I personally like the option of different colors and usually go for BB Creams that have a few colors! ??

Thanks Huda…I’m OBSESSED with red lips at the minute! Xxx

Huda Sweetie… that is once again a wonderful review ?? When is it getting launched in Dubai or Abudhabi…?? I reside near abudhabi… so, it should be easy for me to get it if it is available in abudhabi ??

In UAE purchase from http://www.powdermary.com – excellent range of pure BB creams

Hi Huda,
I have an acne prone skin and I’ve got few acne scars on my cheeks, so I usually use afull coverage foundation, I’m not confident about going out without a foundation, even during the day. In my case can I use this BB cream to get a flawless looking skin? Or this cream doesn’t give the full coverage my skin needs?
Awaiting your advice ??

Hi huda! I have chocolate brown skin and I can’t seem to find any lightweight good foundations for my skin. Any suggestions? Thank you ?? love you x

Hi darling, for chocolate gorgeous skin I would try Makeup Forever, they have a great range! Have you tried them? Iman products are great for women of color, I’m not sure where you’re located! For most of my clients with very dark skin (a lot darker than chocolate), I don’t always use a foundation all over, sometimes I will only use a foundation on the cheeks to create depth, kind of like a subtle contour!

Hi Huda darling,

How are you doing? Okay so how do you compare this one to the Maybelline BB Cream. I wear the Maybelline and the Dior Hydra life BB cream. I love both of them. I love the Dior one because it goes on so smooth and it feels really nice on, but I also love the maybelline one that its a little more coverage on the skin.

I looove the Maybelline BB Cream and it’s def my favorite Drugstore BB Cream, but in all honestly I haven’t touched it since I got the DiorSkin BB Cream!

Can’t wait to read ur BB cream comparison !!

Honest to god your picture above is PERFECTION! Did you use any highlighter for this look because your cheeks look GORGEOUS! If possible do a tutorial on this look ? xo

Hi darling, no! I just didn’t apply powder to my cheekbones to keep it looking dewy! I’m so glad you like it:) Sure thing babe! Will post it next week!

have to keep it on mind

i currently use the Lancome BB creme and love it, try that out too Huda. Though, I must admit I love all things Dior!

it looks really nice and natural, i like it ??

Your lashes look amazing in that picture! What mascara/ eye lashes are you wearing??

I’m wearing the Giselle lashes from my Huda Beauty collection launching Feb 21 ??

It’s great!
Do you think BB creams are better than tinted moisturisers for daily use? I use the DIOR hydratint everyday but I am thinknig if I should swap to this instead? let me know ??
and I LOVE your blog!

Oh this is perfect timing for me … I currently use the Smashbox BB cream and I love it but it’s running out and I was thinking of trying other ones just to compare … and since I LOVE Dior products and I really trust your reviews I can’t wait to try it. )

The smashbox is very good, but the Dior is much better! ?? I think you’ll like it, it has a hint of more coverage, but the texture is beautiful!

do you use this instead of makeup?

YES! Definitely, in the photo you see, I am only wearing the BB Cream, with a little bit of powder on my cheeks so I could apply a bronzer and blush, I also just swept my T-zone lightly to keep them from being shiny, but kept my cheekbones bare! It’s really great and light, perfect for daily use!

For weddings or highly photographed events, I recommend foundation!

I still like the range from Powdermary.com the best – they have the biggest range of BB creams, I like the gold one with caviar – so smooth and natural finish

What colour have you got on your lips here Huda? It’s gorgeous Xxx

Lady Danger from MAC darling ?? Glad you like it!!

Hey huda…mashAllah its been a week i came across your blog and ya im ADDICTED ?? …..and i must say you are soooo good at this….hope to learn from you and meet you inshAllah when i visit dubai… Include me in the listof your regular readers and i’ll bother you every now n then ?? …. Cant wait to get my hands on it iwantyourstyle

i love it …. i will def try this when it comes out ! love your lipstick.. what colour is this?

Huda try the dr jart one it is theeeee best ever! Iv tried them all n i mean all n dr jart wins hand dwn x

You should try BB creams from Asian brands.. Western brands don’t use the same ingredients as the authentic Asian brands

Hi darling, I have! There are three from Asian brands in the pics! I totally agree with you! ??

My Favorite BB Cream, EVER!
By Huda Heidi Kattan I know this isn’t out yet, but I am IN LOVE! I have been literally trying BB Cream after BB Cream, and I am going to do a full review comparing a bunch BB Creams once I

My Favorite BB Cream, EVER!

-стабилна опаковка и подходяща при пътуване;
— подходящ за бледолики хора;
— има UV и SPF25;
— избелва петънца от пъпки;
— стои леко и естествено на кожата;
— овлажнява;
— цената е достъпна (средно ще Ви излезе около 20лв);
— 40g продукт ми стигнаха за около 5 месеца ежедневно ползване;
— икономичен — 1 грахово зърно(може би 2) са достатъчни да покрият цялото лице;
— не изпитвам нужда да слагам пудра и да натрупвам лицето с продукти;
— не се събира във фините бръчици;
— откакто започнах да го ползвам се отказах тотално от фон дьо тените в ежедневието (останаха за вечерно излизане или специален повод, когато имам нужда от повече покритие и «кукленски» вид);

— не е достъпен в Европа/ трябва да се поръчва от Ebay;

За да изразходвате цялото количество продукт, натиснете помпичката нагоре. Ще изскочи вътрешната опаковка (бял цилиндър). Има възможност да го развъртите и ще намерите продукт достатъчен за още около 4-5 ползвания! Впечатлена съм, че все пак дори да не разглобявате опаковката за да изразходвате продукта докрай, пак сте изразходвали поне 95% !

— продавача трябва да е от КОРЕЯ.
— погледнете разликите в ментето и оригинала

Доста дълго стана. Обаче пък го писах с голямо удоволствие! Надявам се да Ви е било от помощ при избора!

На мен ми дойде доста тежък, а и май се изпъпчих от него (и събратята му в мострения комплект). 🙁

Неприятно 🙁 То затова и е хубаво първо да се пробват мостричките.. Аз съм страшно доволна от този, но за пореден път виждаме че за всеки е индивидуално.. Все пак, ако все още си търсиш bb, ти желая успех да намериш точния за теб! Гледам последните дни bb-та на etude house, holika holika и tony moly .. честно казано точа нокти в близките месеци да си взема някой от техните. 😀

Много му се чуда на този BB крем. Пробвах го от мостра и цвета ми пасна. Но не съм сигурна, че ми харесва като консистенция. Пък и в момента имам 2 BBта и обмислям да поръчам трето. xD

Много подробно ревю за което ти благодаря. Със сигурност ще поръчам някакви мострички, за да видя кой е най-подходящ за мен 🙂

Обожавам корейските ББ-та!
В момента ползвам 2 на Skin 79: Vip oriental & Oriental perfect cover (водят го коректор, но го ползвам за цялото лице)
Тези дни реших да тествам и Mиша и чакам да дойде ,но мисля да взема и този за, който си писала

Страхотно реву. Супер изчерпателно! И аз си поръчах такъв и нямам търпение да дойде вече! 🙂

Крем bb cream
КАКВО ХАРЕСВАМ: -стабилна опаковка и подходяща при пътуване; — подходящ за бледолики хора; — има UV и SPF25; — избелва петънца от пъпки; — стои леко и естествено на